Thermal Roll Info

Thermal paper is a heat sensitive paper (this means no ribbon required) which has many different properties to it, the more popular ones are usually of a standard weight and coating, although they can have a top coat or sealer, dependant on system and market sector type.

Our thermal papers meet with or exceed the OEM specifications of today’s ever evolving market sectors, OEM’s include Epson, Star, Citizen, Seiko, Hypercom, Verifone, Zebra, Casio, Sharp plus many more.

To recognise thermal paper simply run your finger nail across the surface and the heat generated by the friction will form a black image, this can sometimes be found on the underside which would confirm that particular roll is reverse wound.

Please note when comparing roll sizes other suppliers may use different thickness of paper, which can result in differing lengths.  We are happy to test your current roll for comparison.

Our test will confirm roll width, roll diameter, core (this includes both I/D & O/D), paper coating, grammage and microns. We offer all paper specification sheets on request.

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